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4 must-do’s before GivingTuesday

Posted October 5, 2022 by Virginia Davidson

4 must-do's before GivingTuesday

If you plan to participate in GivingTuesday this year, it’s important to tackle these 4 must-do’s in advance.

1. Build your form

Create an online payment form that supporters can use to make their GivingTuesday contribution. The form should be simple and easy for donors to complete. Resist the temptation to collect too much information, which can deter donors from clicking the “Donate” button. If you’re using Little Green Light, you can use our #GivingTuesday template.

2. Test your form rigorously at least a couple of weeks before GivingTuesday

To ensure your donors will have a smooth giving experience, you need to test your form and make sure it’s working as you intend. In Little Green Light, you can test your form without actually making a gift. We recommend testing your form at least a couple of weeks before GivingTuesday so that you’ll have time to make any necessary changes and you won’t feel panicked by a time crunch.

3. Prepare your thank-you letter

Create your acknowledgment template in advance so you’ll be ready to say thank you promptly.

4. Decide when your GivingTuesday donors will next hear from your organization

If you want to leverage the momentum of GivingTuesday beyond the day itself, retaining donors is the key. Check out our suggestions for creating a comprehensive post-GivingTuesday plan, or consider making thank-you calls to donors.

Looking for more resources beyond these 4 must-do’s?

Check out GivingTuesday’s Toolkit for Nonprofits.


GivingTuesday can help you build support and awareness for your nonprofit. Planning ahead and tackling these 4 must-do’s before the big day will help ensure that GivingTuesday gives your organization a jump-start on fulfilling your mission in the year ahead.

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    1. The form won’t be in the email itself, but you can include a hyperlink in your email to the Giving Tuesday form. The link can point to either to the page where LGL hosts the form or to your own website if you embed the form on your site. Thanks.

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