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3 helpful resources on managing fundraising appeals

Posted September 29, 2022 by Timi Paccioretti

Resources for managing appeals

When it comes to asking for support for your nonprofit, wouldn’t it help to have how-to resources at your fingertips? In this article, we share 3 sets of resources on managing appeals in LGL to help you prepare for your nonprofit’s next fundraising campaign.

3 helpful appeal resources from LGL

Resource #1: Best-practice articles about appeals from our blog

Here are some of our top picks for articles on preparing for your next ask:

What do you need to run a successful fundraising appeal? A review of the tools you’ll need to run a strong appeal and why they are important to your results.

Your guide to writing a successful appeal letter: A collection of resources to take you from blank page to rough draft to polished appeal letter, complete with remittance envelope and acknowledgment letter!

How to segment your appeal using a Gift Pyramid: Learn how a gift pyramid can help you set fundraising goals using a segmented appeal.

4 key metrics to evaluate your fundraising appeal: Key metrics for measuring the success of your fundraising appeal—to guide you on what worked and what to change for even stronger results next time around.

If you find these articles helpful, be sure you subscribe to the Little Green Light blog for more fundraising best practices to help grow your nonprofit.

Resource #2: [Videos] LGL training webinars on appeals

In addition to blog articles, LGL also provides training webinars. If you are more of a visual learner, our recorded webinars may be just what you need.

LGL Training: Using segmented appeals in LGL

This training shares the benefits of creating a segmented LGL appeal to more easily manage your fundraising efforts. The video walks you through managing a segmented solicitation in Little Green Light, including a real-life scenario that you’ll be able to replicate at your own organization.

Key topics and start times in the recording

Topic covered:Video start time:
What is segmentation?2:15
Segmentation vs. personalization3:12
Criteria for donor segments7:54
Donor retention and acquisition pyramid11:39
Appeal segmentation worksheet17:30
Live demo: Using LGL’s Appeals feature31:21
Benefits of using a segmented appeal49:48
Generating reports by segment54:51


LGL Training: Using LGL Appeals to manage solicitations

In this recorded webinar, we review how to use LGL Appeals to manage various types of solicitations and asks.

Key topics and start times in the recording:

Topic covered:Video start time:
Why use LGL Appeals6:07
Tracking results against your goals10:06
Viewing year-over-year results13:30
How to personalize your asks16:48
Different types of appeals20:47
How to create a new appeal in LGL21:18
Sending emails to constituents in an appeal49:15
Send letters to constituents by segment50:19

Resource #3: [Free ebooks] Downloadable PDFs

Guide to managing fundraising appeals in LGL

"A complete guide to managing fundraising appeals in LGL" ebook

We recently published a comprehensive Guide to managing fundraising appeals in Little Green Light to help you manage your fundraising solicitations. The guide covers these topics:

  • What is an appeal, anyway?
  • Planning who you’ll solicit
  • Creating effective appeal materials
  • Receiving, recording, and acknowledging gifts
  • Reporting on your appeal and looking ahead

Request your free guide today!


6 steps to a successful appeal

"Six Steps to a Successful Appeal" ebook

Looking for guidance on how to run a successful appeal? The “6 Steps to a Successful Appeal” ebook is perfect if you’re new to the world of nonprofit fundraising, or if you just want to brush up on the basics. It covers:

  1. How to identify your prospects and acquire data
  2. Creating a segmented approach
  3. Developing a stewardship and cultivation plan
  4. Personalizing your ask
  5. Ensure proper gift acknowledgment and accounting
  6. Evaluate your appeal strategy and results

Request a free copy of our 6 Steps to a Successful Appeal ebook today.


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