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Release Notes: August 2020 updates

Posted August 21, 2020 by Teri Bicknell

LGL Release Notes - August 2020

Over the past month, we have added and fixed a number of Little Green Light features that we’d like to share with you. Please see the list of our August 2020 updates below—including a few highlights at the top—and click on any item to link to more details.

August 2020 updates


Additional new updates


LGL forms fixes


New fields to map to in the LGL Zapier Action

You can now map to these additional fields:

  1. Payment type
  2. Deposit date
  3. Deductible amount
  4. Website/URL type

LGL forms now displays Payment Account in your list of forms

This helps you see which payment processor you’ve set for each of your payment-enabled forms, which is especially handy if you have more than one payment processor linked to your LGL account.

August 2020 update: Form shows payment processor used

Fundraising view by payment type

You can now view gifts grouped by payment type in the Fundraising tab. You can search/filter for gifts first and then apply this roll-up view:

Fundraising by payment type view

Additional updates

2 updated field names in the Fundraising search dropdown men

We have updated two search terms among the Fundraising Advanced Search criteria, to make their meanings clearer:

  • “Date” has been updated to “Gift date”
  • “Note” has been updated to “Gift note”

updated names of search terms in LGL

New merge fields now available for LGL mailings and tribute notifications and donor names

Maiden name

A mail merge field for maiden name is now available, making it possible to print constituents’ maiden names on name tags for class reunions, for example.

Added maiden name merge field

Tribute donor names

You can now pull donor names without addresses into tribute notifications. The [[donor_names]] merge field is included only in the Merge Field Reference in the Tributes section of your LGL account, because it is available only for tribute notifications. It is not available to use in standard mailings or acknowledgments. You can find the Tributes Merge Field Reference on the Tributes page in your account:

August 2020 update: Tribute notifications


The Tribute Notification Templates page now contains a tab for archived tributes

Whenever you archive a tribute notification template, you’ll now be able to access it on the tab shown in this screenshot.

August 2020 update: Archived tributes


Giving Status field removed from Data Dictionary

Our Data Dictionary has been updated to remove “Giving Status”, and error messages will now appear if you attempt to upload Giving Status in an import. NOTE: Giving Status is a calculated field in your LGL account that based on gift history, so it’s not appropriate to upload a value to this field.

The “Last email” column in a report now consistently pulls in the constituent’s last email

Previously, the “Last email” column was not consistently pulling in the last email for a constituent. We’ve added a process that fixes this issue.

last email export field

The email editor has been fixed to display the email sender correctly

The sender name displayed in the “Manage Users” pane previously did not match how that name was formatted in the sent email, in the From line. This has now been fixed.

email sender fix

Case sensitivity has been removed from Flex Importer file extension

File extensions for files being uploaded via the Flex Importer were previously case-sensitive. They are now not case-sensitive, and the error shown below will no longer occur if you have named your file with, for example, a “.CSV” extension.

Case sensitivity removed from Flex Importer

Pledge amount display has been fixed in unacknowledged gift search results

When searching for unacknowledged gifts, there were previously two issues:

  • The unpaid pledge amount rather than the total pledge amount was displayed
  • It was not possible to tell if the gift was a tribute

These issues have now been fixed to display the correct unpaid pledge amount or whether the gift is a tribute.

August 2020 update: Pledge display updates

Leading zeroes in dates are now consistent in LGL merge fields

The date format in letters previously had a leading zero for the month but not the day for these LGL merge fields:

  • [[membership.last.end.mmDDyy]]
  • [[]]
  • [[gifts.ack.mmDDyy]]
  • [[first_gift_date.mmDDyy]]
  • [[gifts.last.mmDDyy]]
  • [[]]

This has now been fixed so that both the month and the date have a leading zero in all cases.

“First Vol Date” search now works for today’s date

When a user runs a search using the first volunteer date or last volunteer date as criteria, the search results previously did not pull in constituents who met the criteria if the search was for the current date. We have added a fix for this issue.

“Country” has been added as a constituent search field in our API

August 2020 update: Country added as field to API

LGL forms fixes


Carry over formatting when pre-populating an LGL form with info from another LGL form

We recently rolled out a fix that should make the formatting look better when you pass values from one LGL form to another.

We have moved the “Remove” button on the tab for mapping additional constituents in LGL forms to make it clearer what the button is meant for. Previously, it was not clear enough that by clicking it you would be removing the entire mapping for the additional constituent.

August 2020 update: updates to LGL forms mapping

Reflect the actual payment processing date for an LGL forms recurring payment, when resynced

When a credit card charge on a recurring online donation goes through on a later date and then is resynced to LGL, the charge date was previously marked as the date it was supposed to be charged on, rather than the date it was actually charged on. This has been fixed.

3 thoughts on “Release Notes: August 2020 updates

  1. Thanks Teri etal. As a manager of technical writers it is imperative to clarify written information for software users. The programmers know what they did hence the potential for short descriptions that don’t describe…..

    I applaud the tech crew for implementing some of my user ideas and ALWAYS responding quickly….even on weekends!

    I’ll keep an eye out for more. I know there is one, but can’t think of it at this point….


  2. All great updates and thanks. I’d really like to have the ability to attach a PDF file to emails. We would use this to send minutes, agendas, reports and newsletters to our volunteers and board members. Now we have to go outside of LGL to do this which is time consuming.

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