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Helping your co-workers to avoid burnout during Covid19

Posted June 2, 2020 by Virginia Davidson

avoid burnout during Covid19

Burnout can hit fundraisers hard under normal circumstances, and you may find this feeling is especially rampant as you work remotely during the Covid19 pandemic. Here are four ways you and your coworkers can help each other reduce stress and avoid burnout.

Ration your video calls. 

Zoom fatigue is real, as plenty of people can confirm. Video calls also put a strain on an entire household as the participant needs a dedicated space without family members passing through behind them. That’s a tall order when a single living space is functioning as the sole workspace and classroom for multiple family members at the same time. Stay connected with conference calls instead, and use video calls sparingly. Conference calls work just as well and allow you and your coworkers to take the call from somewhere quiet without worrying about what, or who, can be seen in the background. I’ve joined plenty of conference calls from the comfort of my bedroom closet because it was the only quiet space at the time. It works!

Declare a designated no-meetings day.

This gives you and your coworkers the opportunity to get some deep work done without being interrupted by meetings. Just being able to count on the fact that Tuesdays are a meeting-free zone can relieve stress and help everyone in your organization to plan your weeks with more ease. Again, this can also lighten the burden of meetings on an entire household.

Set expectations with your coworkers.

As best you’re able to, keep each other informed about times you’ll need to be out of pocket. Coworkers don’t need to know every detail, but let them know if you’ll be unavailable at certain times. When your coworkers have a heads up that you need to be offline between 10-11am every Friday for family responsibilities, they can plan around that time.

Help each other carve out time for loose ends.

You and your coworkers can help each other by acknowledging that it’s not possible to work through your to-do lists at the usual pace, and you’ll be encountering more obstacles than usual. Recognize it as a team and schedule plenty of room each week to tackle loose ends.


We’re all doing our best to focus in a time of stress and anxiety, and it’s hard. Right now, it’s especially important for you and your coworkers to help each other avoid burnout. If you’re looking for more guidance as you navigate Covid19, check out these resources:

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