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Pro Tip: Access favorite lists on your LGL Dashboard

Posted May 11, 2023 by Hunter Williams

LGL Favorite lists widget

As a fundraiser, you likely need to pull up specific lists of individuals or organizations on a regular basis. Now, with the just-released “Favorite Lists” Dashboard widget, you’re only one click away from these favorite lists every time you log into your Little Green Light account!

Here are a few examples of constituent lists you could feature in this new widget:

  • First-time donors from last week who gave $250 or more
  • Donors who have given $5,000 or more year-to-date
  • Organizations that sponsored last year’s event but not yet this year’s event
  • Everyone who has a birthday next month
  • Constituents for whom you are a Steward who have not yet contributed this year

The possibilities are endless.

All you need to do is create a constituent list in LGL and mark it as “favorite”. Then, in the “Favorite List” widget on your Dashboard, you’ll have instant access to your favorite lists, along with a count of constituents, like this:

LGL Favorite Lists widget

For help on how to manage constituent lists, please see this Knowledge Base article.

Bonus Tip: Viewing lists in the Fundraising tab

On the topic of constituent lists, we’d like to share a reminder about the excellent Fundraising Views you can pull up on your Fundraising > Giving page. If you have created some useful constituent lists, you can search in the Fundraising area by list (of constituents) and then apply one of the many Fundraising Views to see that list grouped by a particular giving attribute, such as “constituent”.

In this example, I have searched for gifts using the “My LYBUNTs” list, and I’m using the “Giving by constituent” view:

Searching lists in LGL Fundraising views report

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