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Introducing the expanded LGL Consultant Network

Posted April 13, 2016 by Hunter Williams

Since early 2015, independent consultants have been helping new LGL customers with data migration projects. We’ve recently expanded this group of consultants, now known as the LGL Consultant Network.*

The Network has expanded in 2 exciting ways:

1. It isn’t just for data migrations anymore! LGL consultants are now also able to help you with:

  • LGL Forms mapping (which is similar to mapping spreadsheet imports)
  • Data strategy and process improvement (a general category that includes all kinds of data and process work for both new and veteran LGL customers alike)

2. The number of consultants in the network has doubled from 10 to 20, and now includes consultants outside the U.S. (one in Canada and one in the U.K.).

When should you contact a consultant as opposed to working with LGL support?

The consultant network is a natural extension of the LGL support team. While LGL support is great for answering specific, one-off questions, a consultant would be the choice to make if you’re looking for more ongoing support on a particular issue or help for a larger project over an extended period of time.

While hiring a consultant will incur an expense, it can also provide highly cost-effective benefits, including:

  • Tapping into expertise that can take years to develop
  • Freeing up your time to focus on your other priorities

Here is a quick compare and contrast table to keep in mind if you’re considering a consultant:

LGL support

LGL consultant

Cost Free (with your LGL subscription) Price varies by consultant
Availability Within 1-2 hours Varies (days to weeks)
Length of engagement Short (minutes per question) Hours to weeks
Types of issues Specific how-to questions Larger projects; broader questions
Example questions
  • Why isn’t the gift amount showing up in my acknowledgment letters?
  • Why isn’t the country field being populated in my import?
  • Can you help me export data from my old system and get that into LGL?
  • What’s the best process flow for managing my volunteer program using LGL?

In summary, working with a consultant is recommended if:

  • You need access to expertise over an extended period
  • Your eyes glaze over when you read help documentation
  • The trade-off in terms of expense vs. time saved and expertise gained makes sense for you

* Based on a recent survey, about 15 percent of new LGL customers use a consultant to help get their data migrated into LGL.

If you are ready to ask for consulting help, you can request bids from the LGL Consultant Network on our website.

2 thoughts on “Introducing the expanded LGL Consultant Network

  1. I would like to request a bid from a LGL consultant to help us to understand and further customize our site. Thank you,

    Kenneth St. Charles

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