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How to use the LGL Knowledge Base

Posted October 29, 2020 by Teri Bicknell

Using the LGL Knowledge Base

What is the LGL knowledge base?

A knowledge base is a centralized repository of information whose purpose is to educate, instruct, and support. It empowers users to find answers to their questions by accessing and using the information at their convenience. Most software applications provide a knowledge base for their users, sometimes as part of a contract agreement.

Little Green Light offers a knowledge base that is available to anyone at any time, whether or not you are a paying customer. We provide it to help users learn to use Little Green Light, and to inform anyone who is interested about what the product offers and how it works.

You can find the LGL knowledge base by visiting

LGL Knowledge Base

How does the knowledge base work?

Find the article you need

Knowledge base articles are “indexed” with keywords, meaning that you can search for what you are looking for by typing keywords into the Search box at the top of the knowledge base home page. You also have the option to browse articles by feature area, if you prefer. Find the feature you are looking for, such as Importing or Acknowledgments, and scroll through the articles to find the one you want.

LGL Knowledge Base categories

Start with the basics

It’s important to introduce yourself to how a feature works at a basic level before attempting a more advanced task using it. Many knowledge base articles are introductory, and you should first read the introduction, or overview, section of the article before digging into the details. It’s crucial to understand how the basics work before you dive deeply into a process.

Follow the steps to complete the task

A typical LGL knowledge base article contains a brief introduction to a feature or process in LGL and provides steps for how to use it. Generally speaking, you can access and use a knowledge base article to find out how to do just about anything in LGL.

NOTE: Some articles in the knowledge base are tagged with the word “Advanced” as part of the article title. These articles are geared toward advanced users who are comfortable with a wide variety of basics.

If you’re a beginner, will the LGL knowledge base teach you how to use the product?

You can learn how to use many of the features in Little Green Light by reading the knowledge base. Each article is intended for help in a certain area. However, by itself, no article can instruct you on how to be a great LGL user. Becoming proficient at using LGL, or doing anything, really, comes with continued use of the product and the knowledge base.

One caveat to keep in mind: We do our best to be as complete as possible in each article without bogging down about hypotheticals or possible outcomes. However, there are times when you would need to set up or complete something prior to doing the task at hand.

A good example involves the Flex Importer and the articles covering it (Search, Reporting, and LGL forms also fall into this category). Most of the articles are short, addressing how to map only one type of data. They are organized this way to make the information more accessible and easier to digest. However, because of this, it is theoretically possible to do a perfect job of setting up gift mapping, for instance, without first correctly setting up constituent mapping (if you didn’t happen to read that article). In other words, if you don’t know how things work in LGL at a basic level, you can end up running into issues.

We are here to help if this happens. Just go to the Help page in your account, describe the issue you are experiencing in the Contact Us form provided, and we’ll help you troubleshoot.

What if you don’t find the help you need?

Our terminology versus your terminology

LGL uses specific terminology to describe what you can do with our software. These words are also used throughout our knowledge base. You may use other words to describe the same processes. If you don’t find the instructions you’re looking for, describe in your own words what you’re trying to do in the Contact Us section of your Help page, and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction, whether that is to a relevant help article or other guidance.

Adapting help articles to your situation

One of the reasons the knowledge base exists is to provide instructions and an overview of how to use LGL. As you work with our Support team to get your questions answered, we will regularly point you to knowledge base articles. In order to help as many customers as we do as quickly as we do, it’s important that you be willing to study the help articles and adapt their instructions to the particulars of your situation.

You followed the instructions but ran into a problem

If you followed instructions step by step and what you’re working on isn’t working, write to Support and we’ll help troubleshoot. In addition, if you find something confusing or that doesn’t seem to work as explained, let us know. We regularly review and update articles based on customer feedback.

You need personalized help

Sometimes, no matter what you find in the knowledge base, you’re looking for personalized training. There’s a network of consultants who, for a fee, will work with you on your Little Green Light questions and issues, and who can train new staff and help you improve processes. To find out more and engage someone in the consultant network, please visit this page on our website.


Regardless of what level of user you are, once you learn your way around, the LGL knowledge base is your always-available companion, offering instructions on almost anything and everything you may want to do in Little Green Light.

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