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Free training resources for new LGL users

Posted November 2, 2020 by Timi Paccioretti

Free training for new LGL users

Little Green Light offers several training resources for new users, suited to just about every learning style. Here are a few of our most popular training and support resources, geared to our newest LGL users.

Training Resource #1: New User Email Course

Do you have 15 minutes a day to allocate to learning your new system? Our New User Email series could be just the thing for you.

LGL New User email course

Every few days, we’ll send you an email offering some tips on using Little Green Light and a suggestion or two for how to put those tips into action.

For users in accounts with little or no data, we recommend subscribing to our New Account email series. (In this 5-part email series, we assume that you don’t yet have data in your LGL account and walk you through some ideas on adding data and preparing your account for gift entry.)

For users who are accessing an account that already contains data, we suggest subscribing to our New User email series. (In this 7-part email series, we provide tips on accessing your data as well as adding to it.)

Note: The tips in both series are geared to users who have Admin- or Gift Entry-level access.

Training Resource #2: Basic Training Webinar series

Do you prefer having a guided walkthrough on using Little Green Light? If so, joining our Basic Training webinar series might be the best option for you.

LGL Basic Training Course

We offer the Basic Training webinar series live on a regular basis. Recordings of each session are also available in the LGL Video Library.

Live sessions offer the extra benefit of allowing you to ask questions of the presenter and getting answers on the spot! On the other hand, recorded sessions make it easy to watch one or all of the sessions at your leisure, with no need to wait for the topic you want to become available. You can sign up for the live sessions and watch the recordings too, depending on your preference.

The course covers the following topics (click to watch the recording):

You can register for upcoming live sessions by navigating to the Help page in your Little Green Light account.

Training Resource #3: Little Green Light Knowledge Base

Are you more of a self-learner and prefer to “look up” an answer when a question arises? If so, the extensive Little Green Light knowledge base likely has the answers you’re looking for.

LGL Knowledge Base

You can easily view the most popular articles, review articles based on specific categories (i.e., Importing, Acknowledgments, or Mailings, to name a few), or use a keyword search to locate an article on the topic or feature you want to learn more about. Read about how to make the best use of our knowledge base in this article.

Be sure to check out our LGL Training Course category for a compilation of articles that most new users find helpful in learning how to use Little Green Light. The Table of Contents provides a helpful list of articles and topics that are covered in the Training Course.

New content is being added all the time, so be sure to visit often to get the very latest “how-to” articles. To make the best use of this important resource, check out this article on how to use the LGL knowledge base.

Training Resource #4: LGL Video Library

If you prefer watching how to perform certain functions in LGL by watching a video, visit the LGL Video Library. The video library provides a mix of short 2- to 3-minute videos as well as longer 30- to 60-minute video recordings of past training webinars.

Like our knowledge base, this resource makes it easy for you to access the information you need exactly when you need it. Just search for the topic you’re interested in, and watch the video.

If you’re looking for a good overview of what LGL can do, we recommend watching our Introductory tour of LGL video. You can also join a live webinar if your schedule allows.

You can access the video library by clicking the link on the Help page in your Little Green Light account or by navigating directly to it.

We cover special topics in webinars on a regular basis. Here’s a list of this past year’s special topic training webinars, with links to the recordings:

Training Resource #5: Live Question and Answer Sessions with Our Support Team

Do you prefer to speak with a member of our team to get your questions answered? If so, our Customer Q&A webinars might do the trick for you.

This unique resource gives you the opportunity to connect with a member of our support team to receive answers to your questions. These sessions are held via live webinar and generally occur once a week. These small group webinars are limited to a maximum of 4 registrants, but often just 2 or 3 attend, meaning you’ll have the opportunity to get your specific questions answered during the 60-minute session.

When you pose a question that begins with “How do I?” our team will not only be able to verbally answer your question, we’ll also be able to illustrate how to accomplish it using a demonstration account.

You can register for Q&A sessions from the Help page in your Little Green Light account.

Bonus Resources (Because Everyone Likes a Little Something Extra)

Our friendly, knowledgeable support team

Our support team is standing by to answer any specific questions you have. Contact support via the Help page in your account and you’ll get a quick, relevant response, Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm. The support team doesn’t provide training, per se, but they can definitely help whenever you run into issues using LGL.

The Little Green Light blog

Another resource that you might find useful is the content we create and share online. Our content team generally publishes 3 to 4 new articles per month on our website. These articles provide information on a variety of topics, including fundraising tips and best practices, new LGL feature releases, and LGL-related news.

You can visit our blog or receive notifications when we publish new articles via email. To subscribe to the notifications, you can either go to the Profile page in your LGL account and select the type(s) of articles you’d like to receive, or you can subscribe here.

Our online user community

Did you know that we have a vibrant community of LGL users on Facebook? With almost 3K members (and growing), this is a great place to connect with fellow users, ask questions, and share ideas. If you have a technical question about how LGL works, please contact our support team instead. But if you’d like to ask other nonprofits how they manage certain things, the Facebook User Group is a great resource. Request to join today!

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