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Release Notes: October 2020 updates

Posted October 14, 2020 by Teri Bicknell

October 2020 Updates to LGL

We’ve made loads of feature updates and fixes in Little Green Light over the past couple of months, shared in this October 2020 updates blog post. Please see the items below—including a few highlights in the top section—and click on any to link to more details.


Additional updates


LGL forms fixes


Updates to constituent sorting

You can now sort constituents by first name or organization name.

NOTE: It is no longer possible to sort by Capacity or Interest.

Constituent sort feature update

Requirements for setting/updating passwords

When you create or update a password, it must now satisfy a stricter set of requirements. This update enhances security for Little Green Light users. Please update your password if you don’t already use a strong password.

Password updates

LGL Password requirements

Option to make your password visible during account login

It is now possible to display your password from the login prompt by clicking the “eye” icon, as shown here:

Display password creen in LGL

LGL forms: Ability to view recurring gifts by end date

We have added a view in LGL forms where you can see recurring gifts by their scheduled end date, for multiple time frames.

recurring gifts by end date

Additional updates

Add honorary name to searchable name types

You can now search for constituents by their honorary name:

Honorary name search

Names of saved searches are now “sticky”

For a saved search, the name of the search now remains in the “Saved Searches” dropdown box after the search is loaded.

Saved search names

If you change the search criteria for the search, its name will disappear from the dropdown but the original saved search will be unchanged.

Flex Importer Preview displays calculated fields only for new records

The Flex Importer Record Preview now displays data for calculated salutation and addressee only when a new record is being created.

Example when no match is found:

Updated addressee fields

Example when a match is found:

Import exisitng names

Bulk remove constituents from Mailchimp or Constant Contact lists

Now you can remove constituents who cannot receive email (according to the LGL communication tags assigned to their record, such as “do not email”, “deceased”, or “no valid email”) individually or in bulk from the “Needs Review” tab, on either your Mailchimp Integration Settings page or your Constant Contact Integration Settings page.

emails to be reviewed

emails to be reviewed for Constant Contact integration

Default system categories are no longer updatable

It is no longer possible for default system categories, which have specific meanings and behaviors, to be renamed or removed. Communication Tags are an example of a default system category.

default categories in LGL

Matching gifts are now included in the Gift History report

Matching gifts are now included in the detailed gift list on Gift History Reports (PDFs), which you can download from Constituent pages.

Limit on the number of Flex Importer rules/defaults that can be placed

It is possible to set no more than 20 rules or defaults on any given field mapping within the Flex Importer.

number of rules limited


Detailed Profile report truncated

Previously, upon viewing or downloading a Detailed Profile report, the text on page 2 appeared to be truncated on the right side of the page, so that all of the text was not visible. This has been fixed.

Detailed profile fixed

page 2 of detailed profile

PayPal IPN integration ignoring the “Do not update constituent information” setting

Previously, the PayPal IPN integration ignored the “Do not update constituent name info” setting. This has now been fixed.

update PayPal IPN

Inactive team members not displaying in search criteria

Previously, inactive team members were not appearing in search criteria. This has now been fixed.

inactive team members show in search results

filter inactive team members

Donor Retention widget correction

Previously, the first-time donor query in the Donor Retention widget was only looking at the first time a gift was given, while the other categories in the widget were looking at gifts and pledges together. This allowed for occasional double counting. Now, the widget will no longer double-count any first-time donors in other categories.

Donor retention widget in LGL

Update to Flex Importer error messaging

There was a typo in a Flex Importer error message that read “Organization name” rather than “Employer/Organization name”. This did not match the name of the field as it is used elsewhere in the user interface, and it has now been fixed.

Update to employer/organization label

Sort by name in Tributes now working

Previously, the option to sort Tributes in alphabetical order (accessible via the down arrow in the image below) was not working correctly. This has now been fixed.

sort Tribute name in LGL

Event added and removed in duplicate constituent record does not show up when merging

Previously, when merging duplicate constituent records, an event was not carrying over if it had been added to the other record and then deleted from it. This has now been fixed.

Problem creating individual mailing for a constituent

Previously, there was an error when trying to select the mailing template for an individual mailing created directly from a constituent record. This has now been fixed.

Create single mailing in LGL

Display of data synced to Mailchimp not refreshing

There was previously an issue with syncing to Mailchimp. Constituents would be subscribed, the data was synced, but the Mailchimp Status counts would not update. This has now been fixed.

MailChimp sync to LGL fix

Google Chrome not sorting correctly

The “Sort” function was not previously working reliably in Google Chrome. This has now been fixed.

sort capability in LGL

Task comments not “sticking”

Previously, when a user added a comment to a task and saved it, the comment did not save reliably. This has now been fixed.

Task comments in LGL

Contact report, task, and comment losing constituent connection

Previously, when adding a task to a contact report, the task should have been related to the constituent the contact report was for. However, when the user clicked on “Add task” or “Add comment” from the contact report, the user interface prompted for the constituent to be “set” rather than automatically making the connection. This has now been fixed.

Contact report sticks to constituent

LGL forms fixes

Add custom amount “$” and “Monthly” to color choice

Two bits of text were previously not changed when an LGL forms theme color choice was selected: The “$” sign that sits next to the custom amount box and the word “Monthly” under the donation schedule. This has now been fixed.

Form field fixes

Form could be submitted without completed required field

Previously, it was possible to submit an LGL form with a required field that was not completed. This has now been fixed so that completing required fields is enforced.

Black “Save” bar obscured other form fields

Previously, the bar to save or re-order LGL forms fields could block out the ability to edit the form title and description. This has now been fixed so the bar will no longer behave this way.

Forms nav bar updated

End date in forms not saving correctly

Previously, changing the end date for an LGL form and saving the form would automatically update the end date to what it would have been in the form creator’s time zone. This has now been fixed.

end date fixed

Default value overriding user input in the LGL forms Amount field

In an LGL form, when choosing among suggested amounts and the custom amount, if the donor first picked the frequency and then selected any of the options the Donation Schedule would automatically switch to the “One Time” option. This has been fixed so that the donation schedule will now remain unchanged after the donor selects it, unless a default for that specific amount has been set.

donation freqency toggle in LGL Forms

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