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tracking grants effectively
August 29, 2022
Are you tracking grants effectively?
When it comes to managing a grants program for your nonprofit, do you have a way of tracking those grants effectively? For many nonprofit organizations, applying for grants from private foundations can be an important component of their annual fundraising plan. Ideally, the process of…
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simplify grant tracking with LGL
August 18, 2022
How to simplify your grant management process
In this article, Chris Bicknell, Little Green Light Co-founder and President, shares some tips on how to use Little Green Light to simplify your grant management process. Searching for and keeping track of grants you're seeking for your nonprofit are probably among the many tasks your…
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internal uses for a case statement
July 28, 2022
5 internal uses for a case statement
A case statement is a succinct and jargon-free summary of your organization’s work that compels people to support it. In essence, it’s an invitation to give. You may feel that unless your organization is preparing for a capital campaign, you don’t need a case statement.…
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