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LGL’s made some changes under the hood!

Posted November 16, 2020 by Timi Paccioretti

LGL changes to its framework

Little Green Light users may notice a slightly different look to LGL going forward, as we’ve recently made some changes under the hood that will improve LGL’s performance. These changes may not be visually significant, but they will have a profound impact on our ability to improve and update LGL in the coming months and years. We’ve updated a significant number of accounts already and will be updating the rest over the next few weeks.

Updating LGL’s framework

We have recently completed a year-long project of upgrading one of the key software frameworks on which the Little Green Light application is built. This change will provide a number of benefits over time, including:

  • Faster site load time, as we’ll be passing data more efficiently to the browser
  • Speedier software development, as this change cleans up our code base
  • The ability to tap into a more modern look and feel for the site

Here are a few ways you may experience the effects of this upgrade:

There’s a momentary display of two search result totals when search results are loading

loading of search results in LGL

The pagination across the site has been updated (see the numbers on the right side of the page)

Old way:

Old styler of pagination in LGL

New way:

new style of pagination in LGL

A search refreshes only the body of the page, not the entire page

refresh search view in LGL

Highlight of selected items in menus changed from dark gray to light blue

Old way:

Menu highlights in LGL before update

New way:

change to menu highlights after update

The “Actions” dropdown menu will open above or below, depending on the space available

Actions button dropdown view

Dialog boxes are no longer pinned to the top of the page. Instead they are now in the middle of the page

Old way:

dialog box view before updates to LGL

New way:

New view of dialog box after LGL update


Although we don’t expect that these changes will cause any disruption to your use of LGL, we wanted to ensure you’re kept up to date on the work we’ve been doing to improve our service (even when the majority of the work is going on behind the scenes!).

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

7 thoughts on “LGL’s made some changes under the hood!

  1. Two things:
    One thing I have wished you had in LGL:
    When I send emails through LGL the response from the constituent goes to my organizational email, not into the constituent’s information within LGL. Is there a way to, at the minimum, have a flag or note within the constituent’s information that she/he has responded replied?
    Secondly, is it possible that you could program the email section to be able to include in the subject line a constituent’s salutation? It makes it much more personal.

    1. Hi Robert,

      I’ll be sure to share your requests with our technical team for consideration!


  2. Love Little Green Light and appreciate that it is affordable, however it is quite difficult to navigate when you don’t use it everyday. Wish it was more user friendly. Wish it would allow to send mass email directly rather than going through mailchimp. Also, adding photos to email? Quite complicated but I did manage to finally figure it out after a couple hours 🙁

    1. Hi Dennis,
      Thanks so much for your feedback. We appreciate hearing from our customers and take all input into consideration as we continue to improve the service. As you may have seen in our recent blog post,, we provide a number of free resources for learning how to use LGL, including live question and answer sessions. We really want our customers to feel happy and successful using LGL.
      The LGL team

  3. These sorts of changes are much appreciated. Striving for a simple (nothing is simple) user interface, and optimizations to it, for a flexible database is definitely helpful.

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